Feriendorf Lauterdörfle, Hayingen and Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Ferienpark Lauterdörfle  is located in Hayingen.This holidaypark is really kids friendly without cars driving in the park. Grass everywhere and small grinded stone walking paths. Well maintained natural park with some minor slopes. The reception is at service for the chalets, friendly, not really for tourist advice. Brochures available. The restaurant is small with practical staff, good enough. The breadservice in the morning is excellent. To get your bags from the parking to the chalet, push carts are ready to use. We stayed in a privately owned chalet that was decorated as if at home, very nice, well equipped. Beds were good but matresses were hard, covers were warm. Games and books were available. To sit outside 2 lounge chairs and a picknick table were available. Chalets are situated apart from others and offers enough privacy.
Around Hayingen are roads, nice to walk, run or cycle. Nice restaurants here too. Enough space for us to get around with wheelchair in the house. The reception provided us with ramps to go in and out.

We have visited also Mercedes-Benz Museum. The museum building itself is fantastic, eye-catching and futuristic. It is place with a huge number of really high-quality exhibits, right from the origins of the automobile up to the present day. Must see place.

Below you will find only couple of pictures from our trip. To see more please use this link.


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