Beautiful Lower Silesia

We have visited beautiful part of Poland called Lower Silesia. Province is  located in the southwest of the Poland in the historic Silesia region. A tumultuous battleground between Europe’s dynastic and imperial powers for over a thousand years, Lower Silesia’s cultural and political borders have shifted considerably in the last millennium. Previously a constituent part of Germany, the region was annexed by Poland in 1945 following the aftermath of the Second World War. Historically, the province has strong connections to German and Polish culture, with additional Czech influence felt in its southern regions. Today, the province is well-known as a popular destination for holiday makers due to its high density of spa towns scattered across its mountainous south. Wrocław, the Lower Silesian capital, is one of Poland’s largest and most dynamic cities with a growing international profile, and stands as one of the most important commercial, educational and tourist centers in the country.

We can recommend  following places:

  1. Castle Książ – third largest castle in Poland, famous for Gold Train
  2. Szczawno Zdrój –  known as Bad Salzbrunn, spa town
  3. Dworzysko – restaurant, hotel, horse-riding, holiday park
  4. Restaurant Babinicz – one of the best restaurant in that part of Poland, must visit place

Useful video links:

  1. Lower Silesia
  2. Castle Książ
  3. Szczawno Zdrój
  4. Dworzysko

Please enjoy our gallery.

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