Zakopane – the winter capital of Poland

Zakopane, located in southern Poland very close to the Tatra National Park (Tatrzanski Park Narodowy), offers many attractions all year round. One of the most spectacular attractions is Kasprowy Wierch Cable Car.  The cars take up to 60 persons at a time. The trip in a car suspended over the Tatra valleys is one to be remembered, with spectacular views. The trip ends at an altitude of 1959 metres above sea level, at the upper station of the line, only 26 metres from the top of Kasprowy Wierch. The upper station of the cable line and the Meteorological Observatory are the highest situated buildings in Poland (highest situated restaurant in Poland as well). Breath-taking views and endless sky are the culmination of a trip to the Tatra Mountains, rewarding with the satisfaction of scaling one of the most beautiful peaks.

If you like to discover more about Zakopane please visit following links:

  1. Zakopane – official website
  2. Kasprowy Wierch Cable Car – you can buy tickets there
  3. Tatrzańska Ostoja– great place where we stayed overnight, link to gallery and official website
  4. Tatrzańska Ostoja – link to

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