Berlin – cool city with dynamic past

There is so many things to see in Berlin. Unfortunately we did not have so much time for sightseeing because we have been there only two days. But even two days are enough to find Berlin as a great city with unique vibe.

This is a short list what we have seen in Berlin:

  1. Check Point Charlie – The old border between the Soviet and American sector of Berlin.
  2. Brandenburg Tor – one of the best-known landmarks of Germany, symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity.
  3. Berliner Weihnachtszeit (Christmas Market) – between the Rotes Rathaus and the Marienkirche, charm and romantic, free entry

  4. Fernsehturm – TV Tower – At 368m, Berlin’s TV Tower is the tallest structure in Germany, so there’s no excuse for not seeing it.
  5. Friedrichstraße – major culture and shopping street in central Berlin

  6. Audi Forum –  combination of customer center, museum, factory tour, events, exhibitons …
  7. Hotel Novotel Berlin Mitte  – great place to stay and explore Berlin

According to Hollywood Reporter,  Berlin is the coolest city on the planet and it is like  New York in the ’80s, London at the height of Britpop and Paris in the ’30s.


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